Chidinma Proves that she’s still in her church choir! [SEE PROOF]

A few months ago, it was reported that MTN project fame 3 winner, Chidinma Ekile aka Mz Kedike had quit her church choir.
According to reports, Chidinma Ekile – a member of the Choir in Foursquare Gospel Church – was forced to leave the choir due to her ‘unholy’ dressing.
When it comes to dressing, Foursquare Gospel church is  very strict with its members and workers but following her fame and genre of music, Chidinma could no longer comply with the dress code, the reports claimed.
Well Chidinma is still in the choir.
 “If I hear say Chidinma no dey choir again…..I am committed to God Almighty and my church, I will serve God till death….” she said as she shared a photo of herself in her choir uniform today.
“I have not deviated from the doctrines of my church and my music cannot take church service from  me…the church has no problem with my career as an artiste at the same time, singing in the choir.” she further told HIP TV.

posted by Daniel chinex


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