Health of pregnant woman assaulted by Lebanese boss worsens

According to a report by Premium Times, the health of the factory worker assaulted by her Lebanese boss causing her to lose her 7 months pregnancy, has drastically deteriorated & requires urgent blood transfusion.
“I just finished talking with the surgeon that did the emergency surgery and he said her condition has worsen sharply since yesterday. Her stitches were removed today but the doctor said she is very weak and under serious emotional trauma. He said she needs immediate blood transfusion or else her situation would get worse,” Alexandra Ossai’s lawyer told Premium Times
The lawyer also said Mrs Ossai’s condition has got so bad that she can hardly talk without feeling intense pain. The factory worker now needs financial assistance, as she’s yet to pay the hospital bill for the emergency surgery done on her two weeks ago. Most of her other bills since the incident has been covered by her lawyer. Continue…

Despite the order from President Goodluck Jonathan, who got interested in the case after the news of her maltreatment went viral on social media, that top members of his cabinet should supervise the investigation and provide support for Mrs. Ossai, she is yet to receive any help whatsoever.

Also, on Saturday, relatives of Mrs Ossai expressed concern that the police might be surreptitiously working to exonerate Mr. Noine and his company, Toppan.

However, the police have denied this saying it is doing everything to properly investigate the matter.
The Lagos State Police Commissioner, Umar Tanko, has called a meeting between representatives of Mrs. Ossai and Toppan tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

Meanwhile, Mr. Erhuen has concluded plans to institute a civil action in court against Mr. Noine and Toppan on Monday pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Source: Premium Times

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