Tips You Must Know On Kisses And Gestures

Different kisses and different gestures can be interpreted in different ways. Just so you don;t mix any with the other, read these tips below and breeze your way through life.


– Kiss on the Forehead: We’re cute together .

– Kiss on the Cheek: We’re friends.

– Kiss on the Hand: I adore you.

– Kiss on the Neck: I want you, now.

– Kiss on the Shoulder: Your perfect.

– Kiss on the Lips: I LOVE YOU…


– Holding Hands: We definitely like each other.

– Holding you tight pressed against each other: I want you.

– Looking into each other’s Eyes: I like you, for who you are.

– Playing with Hair: Let’s fool around.

– Arms around the Waist: I like you too much to let go.

– Laughing while Kissing: I am completely comfortable with you.


– If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely
in Love.


– Share this to 10 friends after reading!! Or you will have a bad year of Relationships.

posted by Daniel chinex


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