Dear LIB readers: Am I wasting my time with this man?

From a female LIB reader
Please I need your opinion on something that is keeping me up at night. I met my boyfriend in November 2010 and after only four months of dating he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day in 2011. I was really excited and believed he didn’t want to waste time and was eager to marry me. But it’s going to three years now since we got engaged and he hasn’t said anything about a wedding. Every time I mention it he tells me I’m acting desperate that I should calm down that if he didn’t want to marry me he would not have given me a ring. We are both over 30 so I don’t understand the delay. What bothers me most is that he’s not even talking about it. I suggested we get married the last week of December 2013 so we can begin a new life in 2014 but he said he will let me know when he’s ready. Should I give him an ultimatum or just be patient?

posted by Daniel chinex


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